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Imagine the convenience of having your medical results, notes and medication history in one place.

With the ability to enter health information and upload data from health tracking apps such as My SymptoMS and Fitbit, you can provide your health care specialists with timely and accurate information about your health and treatment plans.

Bringing together all your health data, InforMS allows you to build your health story on one central platform.

With InforMS you can:

  • Enter health information to bring to medical appointments
  • Have your health care team details at your fingertips
  • Link results from your chosen fitness and symptom-tracking apps (such as My SymptoMS).
  • View your your My Health Record and neurologist (MS Base) record
  • Set goals and track your health
  • Keep up to date with the latest treatments and research

InforMS — the home for your MS healthcare.

How to access

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InforMS is currently in a research phase for participants of the Australian MS Longitudinal Study.

Contact us to register your interest in InforMS.

InforMS has been designed by MS professionals in close consultation with the MS community.

Funded by

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This work was jointly funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and MS Australia, Grant ID 1193008. The views expressed may not reflect those of the NHMRC or MS Australia.