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If you are employed and have MS, then MS WorkSmart is for you.

In MS WorkSmart you will hear from others living with MS who have overcome challenges in the workplace. Seeing what has worked successfully for them will give you an insight into possibilities for yourself.

MS WorkSmart is more than just an online learning platform. It’s an interactive space that gives you access to the latest research and allows you to learn from others living with MS.

We will give you tools that have been shown to help in the workplace and encourage you to apply what you learn to your daily life. This will put you in the driver’s seat to steer your journey towards living your best life.

MS WorkSmart consists of nine modules addressing the areas of:

  1. Your work — understanding what lies between you and your ability to work
  2. Your symptoms — recognising the symptoms that impact your work, prioritising self-care and introducing the My SymptoMS app
  3. Smart talk —what it takes to be a champion communicator and how to apply that to the workplace
  4. Disclosure — disclosing your MS in the workplace: is it necessary, who to tell, how and how much to tell?
  5. Smart facts — the facts about MS, and educating others about your MS
  6. Transforming thoughts — the power of thoughts and how they impact your work and management of MS. Learning to take charge of the way you think and react.
  7. Mindful living — adopting a pro-active approach to reducing stress and the impact that MS can have on your life.
  8. Smart work — the adjustments and accommodations you can make in your workplace to ensure you are working smart
  9. Your future — how to plan for an uncertain future and how to turn a plan into action.

How to access

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MS WorkSmart is currently in a research phase.

Contact us to register your interest in MS WorkSmart.

MS WorkSmart was developed by the Menzies Institute for Medical Research in partnership with the MS community.

Funded by

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Funding for this initiative has been provided by IOOF, MSWA and the Australian Government, Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)